Consuming Consumers

May 4, 2012

When we became to be just products, consuming other products? Our western cultures turned slowly by time in to somekind of factory, filled with consumers. I mean, we are mere parts of this great machine, fueling it’s gears and being the fuel and what does this machine do? It’s like the doomsday machine, polluting, draining, sucking, eating all around, to keep this stuff going on. Why it does so? Becouse… Money. Those, who has the money has the power, those who has the power are on top on the food chain.

From the point of view of marketing I think, those brainwashers are damn good. They control people, no, not people, consumers. We are like sheeps. They say that the grass is greener on the other side and everybody runs there.

We are not free, it’s just an illusion. That’s the funny part. Everybody needs money. You need to work for money. You need to make process, products, then after work you just consume products. Hell, do we even know what we are doing? We have this false god, named Money, that keeps us on line.

I am not saying that money is bad, I am just saying that in modern civilized western culture human is just worth as much as he/she has money.


Images and Mirages

April 22, 2009

It is interesting to think, how many things may and will effect on how people act. For example colours, colours of voices, music, the temperature of things… That gives me a feeling of manipulation, how can we ever be sure that we are not manipulated? It is of course a part of advertising, to show people things in the light we want to show the things. It is what that is all about, we are building images to the stuff we sell, in order to get people buy them.

It is fascinating that people are so easily effected by such things. That all shows to true that everything effects on everything.  So what image I am giving of my self to you, it is how I have adverticed my self to you. We are living in a forest of images and mirages!